Too Helpful. Is That Even Possible?

“Don’t help me”. That’s her cry each time I try to assist.

Too helpful. Is that even possible? Well my hairdresser thinks so. I often help her when she’s doing my hair. Hold my head up when she wants it down. Holding it down, turning to the side, this way or that. All going against her desire and affecting the progress she’s trying to make. So she always says, “Shell, don’t help me”.

Let Go. Let God

Isn’t it the same with our Heavenly Father? Sometimes we step in to help but do more harm than good. Often we end up in a different direction which may last anywhere from a short to a long time depending on when we learn, or get back on track.

Today, let’s let go and let God have his way in our life.

Blessings overflow!

Time For Me…

Time for me

Time for me Holy Spirit

Time for me praise His name

Time to hear your Spirit’s leading

Time to read your holy word

Time to bask in your presence

Time to seek your holy decadence

Time to praise the one above

Time to sing hallelujah

Time to shout your Spirit’s name

Time. Oh time for me

Time to hide in your loving arms

Time to seek your spirits leading

Time. Oh time for me to be with you

Live A Day At A Time…

Live each day one day at a time.

Funny how many of us worry our heads off about the future. At times some pass away and not even around to enjoy what they worried about. My sister had cancer and worried about leaving her kids. But because she knew she wouldn’t be around much longer after fighting the dreaded disease for over 12 years, she decided to put things in place for them to survive and thrive after she passed.

To Worry Or Not To Worry?

Some of us worry about tomorrow …what we are going to eat, what we are going to drink and more. Yet when tomorrow becomes today, we find that we have enough for the day. Often even more than enough. We are not satisfied with what we have. We want steak when mere chicken will do. We want a mansion when a small condo will do. We want vacations to share on social media and gain likes and followers when a quiet space will give our hearts peace.

As we enter a new era may we become satisfied with the present. May we be satisfied with God’s deserving provisions now. May we be comforted that like Joseph who accomplished his will in prison and rose from the depths of the dark hole, false accusers to the heights of ruling a nation during its most severe time of need.

Lord, when we are weak, make us strong.

For I know the plans I have for you. Plans to give you hope and a bright future.

Beneath The Shadows…

In the cleft is my favorite place to be. This temporary space helps me hide from my infirmities, wants, needs and desires.

Beneath the shadows I lie in wait for the Lord’s amazing answers. In between He comforts, leads, and guides. As I wait (at times impatiently) he grants me peace and quiet solace. The pace, growth, love and understanding is all he asks.

He is my peace. Hope he’s yours too.

Pondering What To Do While Waiting On God? Here Are 5 Things…

Pondering what to do while waiting on God? Finding out the Lord’s will? We all have. When we examine the past we know that some grew impatient and did their own thing while others trusted and waited patiently. Here I share thoughts on both types while meandering into 5 things to do while waiting.

People Who Couldn’t Wait

Abraham and Sarah thought they were too old to achieve God’s promises. They ended up outside his will after doing their own thing. To their surprise when Abraham was almost a century (in his 90s) Sarah gave birth to a son accomplishing God’s promises.

Mary and Martha gave up on the Lord’s intervention to save their brother. He was too late. Lazarus had already died. But still the promise was achieved showcasing one of the greatest miracles of all time.

The Disciples in the Garden of Gethsemane fell asleep. Their bodies too tired to stay awake as instructed. Later they were to partake in one of history’s legendary fate. The death of Christ.

Then there were the People who couldn’t wait on Moses to return, and built a tower going against God’s plan. They succumbed to a life of misery.

People Who Waited

All is not lost as we have the people who waited. David‘s rise to the throne. Despite his many turmoils, he wrote many psalms while he waited. Dive in. Read. Be encouraged during your own periods of waiting, depression and delays.

Joseph suffered betrayal, harm, hurt, pain. He was even innocently thrown in prison. Yet was later elevated to lead a time of severe famine in Egypt.

Noah through turmoils, Mocking and embarrassment, stayed true to the divine instructions. He built an ark and participated in an historical feat so we could have a second chance.

Oh let’s not forget Job who lost his kids and his riches. If that wasn’t enough, he became increasingly sick. Yet in the midst of it all, he refused to curse God and die. He recovered and was blessed with abundance more than before.

Remember God’s timing is always right. Simply wait.

5 Things To Do While Waiting

1. Pray

Are you waiting on:

  • A job, Career change, or promotion?
  • Desire for a relationship, to get married?
  • Start a family?
  • Health improvement for yourself or loved one?

Then Pray. Talk to him about your needs, desires, and goals. Ask for guidance in accomplishing his will for your life

2. Listen

Listen for his response. Often we pray then walk away and when he responds in a different way, we even miss it because we’re either looking for a straight forward response or are too busy feeling sad, down and depressed.

Don’t be afraid of Silence. Listen. Just listen.

3. Stay Close

Stay close to the lord so you can hear his answer.

Dr. Tony Evans shared the analogy of when you are driving long distances and you move out of an area, you have to change the channel.

In the same way when you move away from the Lord because you may be Worried, afraid, or impatient, then you will find it difficult to hear his response.

4. Read the Word

Read the word because that is one way you will hear him speak. If you do not read then you will not hear and may miss his response. We hear his response through the bible, circumstances and in some cases through what seems like ‘coincidences‘. Personally I just love those!

5. Get Your Praise On

Praise Him in advance. That’s what David did. He praised God during times of waiting. He lamented …but in all he praised. Build in praise while you wait. It works wonders for your heart, your spirit, and your soul.

Let’s together Wait.

Blessings overflow.

The Effective Fervent Prayer…

The effective fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.

Pray. Listen. Pray. Act.


Going through some stuff? Health? Financial? Career? Relationship? Pray. Cry out. Share your heart’s desires. Seek his help and intervention. Through faith ask his guidance. Ask him to show you what to do, where to go, what to say. Ask that he makes the answer plain so you won’t miss it.


After you’ve prayed, take time to be still. Listen. Let him speak to you. We often pray then walk away without waiting to hear his reply. So stop. Listen. It’s in listening that we hear and receive his guidance and leadership. He leads us beside still waters. Then He restores.

Pray. Give Thanks

Return to him in prayer. Give Thanks for his answer. Hold onto him for comfort. Pray. Quietly pray. Breathe. Exhale. Give Thanks. Bask in the assurance of things to come.


Go out and do what he says. So many of us pray, receive the response but walk away without acting on it. We either disbelieve what he says he will do or miss our best because we don’t act. Often we’re afraid to do so. That’s where trust and faith (which is the evidence of things not seen) comes into play.

Today may we pray, listen, and act on his answers to our prayers while rejoicing in thanksgiving and praise.

Blessings overflow!

The Touch….

The touch. The son. The change. The effect. You can’t study the son without the change.

Saul did. He spent most of his waking hours studying how to capture and persecute believers. But you can be assured that time spent in the word; time spent studying the son, you will be affected. Your life will change. Saul did and became Paul.

Having a problem that needs to be solved? Are you sad, depressed, and can’t find the will to go on? Spend time in the word and you’re sure to find the cure, the remedy for your situation.

Be blessed.