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5 Reasons God Closes Doors…

Closed doors offer lots to learn. Though disappointed with delays, may we follow his lead. Charles Stanley’s In Touch With Him posited that God can use our desires to teach us his ways.

Here I share his teachings as a personal reminder to always trust him as we seek his guidance.

  1. To mold us into his image
  2. To prevent mistakes
  3. To redirect our walk with him
  4. To test our faith and build perseverance
  5. To buy us time

Our impatience causes us not to learn. Later, we find we are not ready for the opportunity. God’s ways are not our ways but he knows best.

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I Don’t Forgive Him…

I don’t forgive him. I don’t forgive the justice system. I believe it failed me.

This retort after a drunk driver recklessly crashed and hit a bystander. A man, a father, a husband, a friend who was innocently standing nearby.

Years later… after the court ruling… his surviving wife was angry when the guilty driver was released with a few simple charges for his actions.

It’s Hard

It’s hard to accept. It’s like the drunk driver walked away with a slap on the wrist while his family has been forced to go on and live life without him.

Forgive? Why?

Is it necessary to forgive under such circumstances? Did the court ‘fail’ the family? Could the husband and father have been standing somewhere else on that fateful day? So many questions. All remain unanswered.

But why forgive? Because it Frees. But only if you allow it. Personally, my own brother suffered such fate, leaving his son to grow up without him. But lets allow God do His thing. And if He doesn’t (as far as the naked eye can see), you can be assured that we are all held accountable for our actions…in one way or another.

Healing takes time.



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The Thing About Depression And Suicide…

When all seems hopeless

My friend and her hubby deal with fatalities everyday. She shared an incident of a woman whose car was severely damaged when it crashed into a Guard rail. The woman reported that she was trying to commit Suicide. She survived.

On the other hand my friend’s hubby who is in law enforcement shared reports about a man who after investigation, authorities discovered it was attempted Suicide. He succumbed to his injuries and died.

A Pastor in his message recently shared statistics of the number of police officers who have committed suicide since 2019, in New York. An unbelievable rate of 24% as at mid-year.

Those Who Smile

I share this to ask prayers for those who SMILE or laugh out loud with us outwardly but deep down inside are hurting or depressed due to finances, job loss, relationships, or for one reason or another. Comedian Robin Williams is an example. Anthony Bourdain, celebrity author and travel documentarian is another. Not to mention the silent ones who go crazy with mass shootings of the innocent. All suicides. Sad indeed.

The Signs

WebMD shared these Behavioral warning signs. Read their complete article for further details.

    Excessive sadness or moodiness
    Sleep problems
    Sudden calmness
    Change in personality or appearance
    Dangerous or self harmful behavior
    Recent trauma
    Making preparations
    Threatening suicide

If you are among the depressed, please seek help. Using wisdom, if you recognize the signs in a Friend, relative, or co-worker, don’t wait. Do something. Get the person the professional help they need. Usually they can’t think clearly.

When all seems helpless, Pray

And while you’re doing all of the above Pray. Pray, and pray even more. Prayer changes things. There’s no doubt about that.

Let’s together do what we can in our small corner. But above all, Keep the Faith.

For God has not given us a spirit of Fear but of Power, Love and a sound mind.

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God’s Firm Support

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My 18 month old grandson tried climbing onto the bed holding onto a pillow. It’s no surprise he fell backwards. To be sure of completing his climb, he needed a firm(er) foundation that a pillow could not provide.

How very true for us. How often have we tried to mount the pressures and challenges in life without grasping the firm foundation that only God can provide.

May we remember today to hold onto God’s unchanging hand for support. Only then will we be able to deal with life’s sure surprises.

2 Samuel 22:17-20
‘He reached down from on high and took hold of me; he drew me out of deep waters. He rescued me from my powerful enemy, from my foes, who were too strong for me. They confronted me in the day of my disaster, BUT THE LORD WAS MY SUPPORT. He brought me out into a spacious place; he rescued me because he delighted in me. (2 Samuel 22:17-20 NIVUK)



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I’ve always asked God to give me the GREEN LIGHT when I’m driving to work and running late. Whether or not He does it is not the point.

The point is Green Light is similar to finding out the will of the Lord. We find that out step by step; day by day; walking with Him. 

We cannot get Green lights before we’re on the road; or before we get to the intersections. At The lights we are told what to do…Prepare to stop; Stop; or Go.

That’s how it is with God’s will. When we get to life’s intersections (whether its decision making, trials, job or career, relationships, etc.) He tells us what to do, where to go, and what to say. Abraham did it with his son when he said God will provide the lamb to be slaughtered.

Step by step; day by day; with obedience and faith, we too can know God’s will for our lives.