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In The Midst Of Life’s Busyness…

In the midst of life’s busyness, let’s not forget to pray. To have time with the lord. Sometimes I feel far from Him and that’s when He nudges me quietly. Then I return to him in quiet rest.

Thank you Lord for not giving up on me.


faith, Giving Thanks

We Thank You…

All things are working for our good

We give you thanks for all you’ve done

Lord, thank you for all that is happening in our lives right now.

All things are working for our Good

And for that we thank you.

  • For making us strong when weakness is all we have, we thank you.
  • For Green Lights, we thank you
  • For mortgage and car payments, we thank you.
    For the satisfactory purpose and the immediate job and/or contract placement that you will provide, we thank you.
  • For the bills it will pay, we thank you.
  • For being able to give back to you and to help others, we thank you
  • For the peace that only you can give and will continue to provide, we thank you.
  • For resilience, we thank.
  • For sustenance when all We want to do is to give up, we thank you
  • For manipulators and the conniving schemes that they try to use to break us but we are made stronger, we thank you.
  • For being our stronghold in times of trouble, we thank you.
  • For tears we shed as we hold on to you, we thank you.
  • For shelter, food, and clothing that you provide and we so often take for granted, we thank you
  • For learning your purpose in all situations we thank you.
  • For you never giving up on us we thank you
  • For taking care of our family and children as only you can when we are not around physically and you’re the only one there, we thank you.
  • For spiritual growth, we thank you
  • For the pillow that we lay our heads on at nights, we thank you
  • For not giving up on us when we falter and go astray, we thank you
  • For using us to take care of the sick we thank you
  • For your never ending love we thank you
  • In all things we thank you. We thank you. We thank you. We forever thank you.