Stay Connected…

By my computer I’m working feverishly. Being the responsible person that I am, I plugged in my cellphone to remain fully charged for when I’m not connected.

An hour later I checked to see the progress only to realize that though the cord was inserted in the phone, the plug itself was lying by the desk unit unplugged. I gasped.

The Great Connector

I pondered about my relationship with the Lord. Am I really connected? Or is my relationship lying unplugged? The incident reminded me to look internally. To examine the fruit of the spirit that I exhibit to others. To examine my faith. My habits and relationships.

I walked away with another learning gleaned from the Holy Spirit. He provides the Green Light and is my source of strength, guide, leader and my connector.

May this experience provide the tug to examine your own relationship with the Lord this Easter and always.

Blessings overflow.

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