God has a purpose for everything.

My daughter’s little 8-year old son prays that a cure will be found for the Corona Virus. But each time he prays he ends with words “unless you have a purpose”.

With mouth aghast when I heard it the first time, I asked him to clarify. He said maybe God wants to bring us together or something. I now know he does understand.

I pray that we too will be like him. Simply trusting God for His sole Purpose and plan.

Keep the faith. This too shall pass.

Blessings overflow


Before We Ask…

Before we ask he answers. And while we are speaking he hears.

Ever had that experience where the lord seems to respond while you’re on your knees? While your praying? Just as you were about to ask? It leaves us aghast doesn’t it?

He sends a neighbor, a stranger, a friend.

Today let’s remember he sees, he hears, he comforts. Let’s do our part ….just ask. Pray. Through prayer and supplication he meets our needs.

Ohhhh and when he answers, don’t forget to say Thanks.

Blessings overflow.