When All Is Nothing…

I have room that provides shelter. A sure place to sleep. I have food on the table. Something to eat. I have a car that provides transport. Ability to commute. But all is for nothing for that’s safe place for me.

I am at that place where all I have is you. I’m down to my last resort and my last resort Lord is you. I am at the bottom of the well. Nowhere to turn. If only …I could look up.
My head is held low feeling sorry for myself. I keep it down so others won’t see the conflicts that exists in me. The dread in society that has caused me to be. Nothing, nothing, absolutely nothing is okay within me.
A visionaire  in my past life, now I can hardly see. Will I ever get back to the heights of self confidence that I’ve been known to preach? Will life turn 360 so I can see what’s for real? I’ve never been an oppressor, but depressed and oppressed is all I seem to see. Bring me back to those days of confidence and habitat that surely exist for real. 

Excerpt book GreenLight 2