Examine Your Path …

A man plans his path but the lord directs his steps.

You have a lot planned for 2020. I pray the lord will lead, guide and direct your path. May all you do …be done according to his will and purpose for your life.

May you always hold onto him for his strength.

Go back to him (if you slid unintentionally). Spend some time to reflect on where you are today. What did you do over the past year? Over the past few Months? Examine the path you’re on. Does it line up with his will? If so, terrific! If not make a change.

Check your plans. Are they really where you want to be? Want to do? If so, work it. If not, “find your what” and create it.


Are you aligned? Is your life aligned according to his plan and purpose? Examine your habits.

If it is what you wish, then good for you! Keep going! But… if not, examine the path you’re on. Make a u-turn if needed. Shed some dead weight (whatever and however that looks like to you). It’s Your life …not anyone else’s. You have to give your own account.

Find your verse

Pastor D. Owens new year’s message charged the congregation to find their verse for the year. Then “see it; say it; seize it. Personally I found my verse:

Do not Fear…All things work together for good to those who love the lord and who are called according to his PURPOSE.

Search, find your verse; and soon. Don’t rush it. Find it and let it be your guide this year.

Follow Where He Leads

Continue to follow the Lord’s leading. He’s ahead of you. Give him THANKS even before he comes through bringing all things together in your favor.

Reflect after a long struggle. Travel if you want. Explore. Find yourself. But … in doing so, do it with him and not without. For without Him, life is dangerous and makes no sense. Engage your sense of responsibility.

Aside…sometimes the lord takes long to give us something because he wants to protect us. Think this through quietly. Was their a response that took awhile to come through? Ponder …why…

You were born for a purpose from in the womb. He designed you Special…find out what he wants from you. Pray always and He’ll guide and show you the way.

Always do the right thing even when no one is looking. Always.

May this be our guide throughout the new year.

Blessings overflow

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