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The Effective Fervent Prayer…

The effective fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.

Pray. Listen. Pray. Act.


Going through some stuff? Health? Financial? Career? Relationship? Pray. Cry out. Share your heart’s desires. Seek his help and intervention. Through faith ask his guidance. Ask him to show you what to do, where to go, what to say. Ask that he makes the answer plain so you won’t miss it.


After you’ve prayed, take time to be still. Listen. Let him speak to you. We often pray then walk away without waiting to hear his reply. So stop. Listen. It’s in listening that we hear and receive his guidance and leadership. He leads us beside still waters. Then He restores.

Pray. Give Thanks

Return to him in prayer. Give Thanks for his answer. Hold onto him for comfort. Pray. Quietly pray. Breathe. Exhale. Give Thanks. Bask in the assurance of things to come.


Go out and do what he says. So many of us pray, receive the response but walk away without acting on it. We either disbelieve what he says he will do or miss our best because we don’t act. Often we’re afraid to do so. That’s where trust and faith (which is the evidence of things not seen) comes into play.

Today may we pray, listen, and act on his answers to our prayers while rejoicing in thanksgiving and praise.

Blessings overflow!