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When God Says No…

My grace is sufficient for you

How many times have we asked the lord for something and he said no? Im sure there are many times.

Personally, as a child my dream was always to become a nurse as I love taking care of others. For some reason my path turned and I ended up in banking which (through my responsibilities), wet my appetite for the Human Resource role. I transitioned into pharmaceuticals, then more direct healthcare managing several medical clinics. As I reflect, his purpose was to place me in an area where I was more able to affect patient care through pharmaceuticals and clinical care through other healthcare professionals.

On the other hand, Cancer took my mom, grandma, and sister from our family despite our prayers for healing. Though I miss them terribly, his response was to provide them with spiritual healing from the wear and tear on their bodies. I couldn’t be selfish in wanting them around me much longer.

So remember, sometimes God says yes. Other times he says no. The important thing we can do is to trust him. His plan is always best for you.

Take some time this season to reflect on the path he has taken you through. He has given you the GreenLight.

Blessings overflow.