How Do You Know When God Is Speaking To You? 7 Ways…

How do you know when God is speaking to you? It’s a question I have asked. Many others too. At major decision points in life it prods us like an annoying toothache that won’t leave. With persistence, it knocks on the door of our hearts…(i.e. if we are attune). Well for me, I have long come to the realization that there is no point doing anything outside his will. It brings too many heartaches, pain, and hard work to get back on track as I shared in my own book GreenLight: When God Says Go.

So it was with a rush of fervent hunger, and the warmth of delicious delectables that I tuned in when I heard Dr. Charles Stanley refer to this during one of his sermons. Here I share my own thoughts and commentary.

7 Simple Points on How to Know When God Speaks

1) God’s Voice will be consistent with scripture. When I was writing GreenLight: When God Says Go it was very clear to me the words “write in a book everything you see“. And of course in order for us to ‘see’, we must experience. So search the scriptures and stay attuned.

2) His instructions may conflict with human reasoning. When Peter was told to cast his net on the other side, it was confusing to him. As an experienced fisherman, he knew where to put his net to make the catch. So though it defied the odds…when he obeyed, he could hardly bring in the catch.

3) It will challenge your faith that you end up questioning Him. How can I give up my successful career to step out into the unknown? But it is when we obey that he brings quiet peace.

4) It calls for courage. How will you survive? What if you fail? These are reasonable questions to ask when considering a change. But don’t worry he will equip you. Whom He calls He equips.

5) He speaks quietly. But you must be listening. What He says will be according to His will and divine nature. If our lives are filled with constant noise, then we may miss his quiet response.

6) He speaks clearly. In the book God Winks, author Squire Rushnell captured many stories of people who shared what seemed to be glimpses in time of what seemed as mere coincidences. But later they realized it was as clear as ever the answers to their petitions to God’.

7) He speaks individually to you. You may be in a crowd, at an event with hundreds, or even listening via the media. But you will know when you hear the words.

I dare say that none of this will happen unless we are tuned in. First we must ask. I am guilty of being afraid to ask for what seems like unreasonable requests. I may even be afraid to step out, so I hesitate to ask. To ask for directions, guidance, and which way to go. But if we don’t ask, how will we know when we receive the answer?

Today, I implore you to reflect on these 7 simple points on how to know when God speaks. Then stay in tune so you do not miss the response.

Blessings overflow.

9 thoughts on “How Do You Know When God Is Speaking To You? 7 Ways…”

  1. Awesome….so true. When we meditate and believe…we will hear His guidance and see all doors opening with true blessings. This is a fact”!!!

  2. These tips are spot on!! In fact it helps when you consciously remove yourself from the demands of the world (if only for 5-10mins) to truly mediate, reflect and zero in on some me time (with God). There I have found that in that still quiet moment I can really begin to hear God’s direction for my next move. Thank you for sharing this with us today; it’s very enlightening.

  3. Sometimes we ignore the voice of GOD, by being defiant and wanting to do things “my/our way.” With defiance comes missed opportunities, missed blessings. We need to be more attuned to GOD, as you mentioned above and develop a closer relatioship with him. Our relationship can grow and mature through various forms, such as meditation and prayer. Great article Dr. Cameron, inspiring too.

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