waterfall pic

I’ve always asked God to give me the GREEN LIGHT when I’m driving to work and running late. Whether or not He does it is not the point.

The point is Green Light is similar to finding out the will of the Lord. We find that out step by step; day by day; walking with Him. 

We cannot get Green lights before we’re on the road; or before we get to the intersections. At The lights we are told what to do…Prepare to stop; Stop; or Go.

That’s how it is with God’s will. When we get to life’s intersections (whether its decision making, trials, job or career, relationships, etc.) He tells us what to do, where to go, and what to say. Abraham did it with his son when he said God will provide the lamb to be slaughtered.

Step by step; day by day; with obedience and faith, we too can know God’s will for our lives.

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